Budget cuts could push Charlotte’s sidewalk improvements down the road (WSOC-TV)


Charlotte’s city sidewalks program is looking at budget cuts.

Faced with the first city-wide property tax increase in years, Charlotte city council wanted to lessen the blow to taxpayers. Instead of a 1.5 cent tax increase, the proposed budget now includes a 1.36 cent tax increase – but that also means cuts to capital investments.

Among those programs on the chopping block is the city’s sidewalk program. Initially allotted $50 million over the next two years, the cuts would decrease that funding to $20 million.

For Sustain Charlotte, which has been advocating for improved walkability and safer pedestrian infrastructure, the change came as a disappointment.

“Most of us are pedestrians at some point in our day-to-day life, even if that’s just for a short stretch and everyone deserves to be able to move along the street safely,” Meg Fencil, Sustain Charlotte’s director of engagement and impact, said.

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