Sustain Charlotte's 2022 Sustainability Awards. April 22, 2022.
Supporters enjoy a night of networking, drinks, dinner, and celebration as sustainability leaders are honored during the Sustain Charlotte Awards

"I have been impressed with the efforts of Sustain Charlotte to bring many different people and organizations in our community together to identify and implement solutions that improve our city's sustainability. Some of the things that Sustain Charlotte is doing, saying, and being, in our community are things that we don’t have another group out there able to be, do and say. So to me, Sustain Charlotte is an important voice for not only the environment but for the lifestyle that all of us hope to have in this community long-term. And I hope Sustain Charlotte continues to sustain.”

– Anthony Foxx, Former US Secretary of Transportation + Former Mayor of Charlotte


"Sustain Charlotte is addressing a critical community need by raising awareness of how we achieve community sustainability, uniting citizens around these solutions, and collaborating with government and business leaders to achieve positive results.”

– Jennifer Roberts, Former Mayor of Charlotte

“Sustain Charlotte is making a difference and affecting change.”

– Pat Cotham, Mecklenburg County Commissioner

“As an elected official, I really appreciate the work that Sustain Charlotte does. They bring expertise, and a knowledge base, that helps extend what we have to do and what we have to understand every day and every way in keeping Charlotte on track to be the kind of high-quality community that [makes] people want to continue to come here. And being a sustainable community is going to be a big contributor to that.”

– John Autry, NC Representative 

"Sustain Charlotte is committed to helping Charlotte and this region make smart, balanced decisions about our environment. Shannon and his team have been a solid resource to area policymakers and staff. We need more committed citizen-led groups like Sustain Charlotte that work to find solutions to our thriving and growing community.”

– Edwin Peacock, Former Charlotte City Council Member

"As an avid cyclist, I appreciate Sustain Charlotte’s advocacy to expand our greenways. This initiative encourages me to get on my bicycle and enjoy the outdoors, plus it allows residents to get to and from adjoining neighborhoods in a fun and safe manner. It really is a game changer!”

Jeanie Koechley Sustain Charlotte Donor

People on bikes at Biketoberfest
Participants dress up for Sustain Charlotte's Biketoberfest! (Photo credit: Grant Baldwin Photography)

"My partner and I often ride our bikes on the greenways, railtrail and uptown streets. We love Sustain Charlotte's drive to make Charlotte a cleaner, healthy place to live that doesn't reply only on cars for transportation.”

Randall Hartsell Sustain Charlotte Donor

Volunteers paint bike crossings in Uptown
Volunteers paint bike crossings in Uptown.

"One of the main reasons we give is to to have something to leave behind when we are no longer on this earth. A chance for future generations to enjoy what has been sustained.”

Jennifer and Greg Jones Sustain Charlotte Donor

People smiling walking

"Sustain Charlotte not only raises awareness on the sustainability challenges within the community, but they drive the work necessary to make the changes. Ongoing efforts of Sustain Charlotte are executed via education, community engagement and their partnering with Community leaders. I’ve witness and can attest to the impact of Sustain Charlotte which is why, they’ll continue to have my support.”

Joni Emry Sustain Charlotte Donor

Campbell Creek Stream Clean
We love to see our donors at events such as our stream cleans!

“Why support Sustain Charlotte by your participation and donation? Because you and I care that our community be better educated about rising sustainability concerns and actions citizens can take; that leaders benefit from cutting edge information and high-quality debate; and that our businesses, government, and citizens unite to create the most sustainable metropolis.”

Nancy Carter Former Charlotte City Council Member