Win for Uptown CycleLink and greenway connectivity

Last week, we asked you to take action to support a segment of the greenway network and Uptown CycleLink adjacent to the Panthers’ practice facility. A rezoning petition (2024-031) had been filed by the owners of the practice field that would jeopardize the path’s accessibility to the public and with no guarantee that the path width would meet the Uptown CycleLink standards.

But thanks to advocacy from the Five Points Community Collaborative, neighborhood residents, and many of you who responded to our action alert, the rezoning will now include improvements to the existing path. This change to the petition will support high-quality access to the greenway and connectivity to the Uptown CycleLink. 

On Monday, City Council voted to approve the petition with the following modifications:

  • The path will be 17 feet wide along the rezoning boundary to accommodate the Uptown CycleLink project.
  • The path will be 12 feet wide along the majority of The Clutch frontage.
  • The path will be reduced to 10 feet adjacent to South Cedar Street due to existing footprint constraints.
  • The path will not have stairs except those that exist alongside an ADA compliant sidewalk near Graham Street.

Third Ward greenway connector

This is a win for public accessibility for all. Council Member Graham expressed that these modifications were the result of  collaboration between the Third Ward community, surrounding neighborhoods, and petitioner Tepper Sports. He also clarified that the greenway will not be closed and that the petitioner will continue to work with Park & Recreation and contribute $100,000 to ensure that the nearby greenway is improved and maintained.

It appears that Tepper Sports will retain the ability to close the path when they deem necessary. Graham said, “they will provide notice for the pedestrian connection”, and the petition language states that closures will only occur for required maintenance, safety, and authorized visitor transport.

Overall, we are pleased to see modifications that will create a path that is in line with the Uptown CycleLink standards and that Tepper Sports will contribute to Park & Recreation’s nearby greenway projects. 

These improvements would not have been included in the rezoning without the voice of the community. Thank you for coming forward and advocating for a safe, connected, accessible Charlotte for all. We appreciate you!

You can watch the meeting recording here and view the agenda here.

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