As Charlotte moves into the future with plans for more mobility options, where do e-scooters stand? (WCNC)

Electric scooters are an easy and quick way to get around, but during the pandemic, there was a drop in ridership.

Now as Charlotte moves into the future, there are plans for more mobility options, but where do e-scooters stand? Charlotte has big plans to make the city more accessible. T

he Strategic Mobility Plan lays out the groundwork with the ambitious goal of cutting in half the number of trips made by car over the next 17 years.

“We are going to need to change, and change is hard,” Eric Zaverl, Sustain Charlotte Urban Design Specialist, said. Zaverl said lower ridership or not, all transportation options are critical. “If we’re going to be able to reduce those car trips to 50% were going to need every mode imaginable,” Zaverl said.

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