Community Area Planning is coming. Are you ready?

Overview infographic of community area planning

Credit: The City of Charlotte Planning Department

What is Community Area Planning?

Community Area Planning (CAP) is the next step in helping Charlotte grow in an intentional, sustainable, and equitable way. The planning process, which invites participation from members of the community and intentionally includes their input in decisions, builds upon the vision and goals stated in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan ( The information gathered from this initiative will provide more detailed guidance regarding development, infrastructure, transportation, and other critical quality-of-life influencers for each of the 14 community areas throughout Charlotte (the Uptown area has its planning process separate from this effort).

Community Area Planning aims to capture each geography’s distinctive needs and character while accounting for surrounding areas to inform decisions about development and growth. That’s where you come in! The more voices in the conversation, the better we can plan for our community’s future.

CAP vision and goals infographic

(Credit: The City of Charlotte Planning Department)

How will this shape the future of Charlotte?

Community Area Plans will help shape rezoning and land development requests. The planning effort will refine or confirm the already adopted Policy Map. This opportunity to update place types throughout Charlotte with an eye towards the future could correct the single-use isolated nature of some of our neighborhoods. It will be up to us to articulate what we want our communities to be. Will they continue to be places full of only one type of building (think of neighborhoods with only single-family homes)? Will they be diverse and inclusive? Will there be more connections and choices for how we move?

CAP shaping the future infographic

(Credit: The City of Charlotte Planning Department edited by Eric Zaverl)

This is the moment to use your voice! Community Area plans will shape land use and impact future zoning all across Charlotte. It will inform how needed improvements are prioritized. The community area plans should generally be updated every ten years after this initial two-year process. So now is the time to engage.

How can you get invovled?

Here are six ways to engage in the Community Area Planning process.

1) Find your community area and then read your community report here.

CAP guide step 1

(Credit: The City of Charlotte Planning Department website)

2) Attend a workshop or two.

3) Check out the workbook to get better informed about the process.

4) Help spread the word with the Ambassador Toolkit.

CAP guide step 4

(Credit: The City of Charlotte Planning Department)

5) Attend the monthly library office hours — and encourage others to do the same! They will be available the first and second Wednesdays of each month from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the following locations:

CAP guide step 5

6) Share this image and link on social media: Link:

CAP guide step 6

Want more information on Community Area Planning? Contact Eric Zaverl.

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