Uptown transportation hub: Where do things stand with the Charlotte Gateway Station?

The Charlotte Gateway Station is part of the large-scale mobility plan in the Queen City. It will integrate residential, commercial, retail, and transportation infrastructure, all in Uptown. But it’s been years since the project started.

Many Charlotteans are wondering where things stand now. City leaders say this is a big undertaking and it will take time. The idea is that when the project is complete it will be a major transportation hub for people traveling long distances or for daily commutes to work, giving people more ways to get around. That is something that residents want to see.

“We want to make sure it is safe for people to get there. It is very walkable, and there are other modes of transportation like bicycling, scooters and of course walking – all connecting safely, and conveniently,” said Eric Zaverl, an urban design specialist with Sustain Charlotte. He hopes to see the project pick up more speed.

“Growth is not stopping,” said Zaverl. “We can’t put a pause on that. More people are still coming here, more things are being built, and we are lacking in that critical transportation infrastructure.”

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