With Covid relief money set to end, where should Charlotte renters in need go? (Charlotte Observer)

For those already struggling to find stable housing prior to March 2020, the pandemic made matters worse. Housing instability affected more people as COVID-19 pushed people out of jobs and interest rates and home values fluctuated drastically, Charlotte’s housing director Shawn Heath said. Federal and state eviction moratoriums kept roofs over renters’ heads, but they didn’t last forever.

Local nonprofit Sustain Charlotte received $200,000 in CARES Act funding that was spent on operating expenses — including employee salaries — as well as cleaning supplies and masks. That helped when the group lost “significant revenue from local companies.”

“The funds allowed us to continue operating with existing staff and not have to lay off anyone, which allowed us to continue making impacts and advancing our mission as well as providing local employment,” said Shannon Binns, Sustain Charlotte founder and director.

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